Will you see the light?

Do your research!

Now that you have come to see the truth, it is up to you to be convinced. I'm doing this because I have arrived to the truth in my own way and find it an obligation on me to help others learn about it. I seek no reputation, wealth, or recognition. I'm doing it for the sake of helping others realize the truth and to be rewarded in my afterlife. 

I am not going to impose anything on you. Please don't take what I say for granted. On the contrary, I urge you to challenge me. But do so after you have read different literature, asked people, examined facts, and got inspired. Sleep over what you read and learn how you are supposed to investigate where you will be going.

Your parents, relatives, friends, etc. are all invited to do the same. If you are convinced, please distribute this to others. It may change your life and the lives of others in ways that you cannot predict. 

Below you will find a link to people who converted and I urge you to not take the issue lightly. They are professionals, scientists, Christians, Jews, artists, and many others. These are a few of the millions that converted and you could be one person too.

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Below are the links with an explanation on what each one is about. 

May God bless you and let us meet together after death in heaven.


1) Converts to Islam (how and why they became Muslim)
UmmahFilms.com : An interactive and fun place to start exploring Islam
An introduction of Islam to non-Muslims (good place to start)
An invitation to Islam (with some inspiring audio-visual material)
Miracles of the holy Quran (flash-based website)
English translations of the Quran 
Be Convinced!

I don't want to add too many sites as you can from those websites reach out to many more and use your own means to search the net and read books. 

I sincerely hope that this will open your eyes to seeing Islam as the truth and investigate in your own ways away from influences by the media and previous beliefs and misconceptions. I sincerely hope that this website will make a difference in your life.

Yours truly,

admin of mydeath.org

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