Read this

before you die...

Don't make your death the end,

but the beginning...

Your life is a journey... 
And death is the end of the road.

This is your opportunity, please take it...

Once you view the video and learn the truth, I encourage you to do your research and work hard to arriving to a conclusion. Your destiny is in your hands and it is you who will win or lose.

When you die, you will realize how important this moment was. This is my invitation and call to you to learn the truth about life and death. It is up to you to see the light. Please don't ignore it, I beg you... 

I pray that you will make it.

I know you already know this and you may already want to know what to do about it. That's the purpose of this page and it's my motivation in establishing it. [When will you die]

Check the 
Death Clock, an  effort to measure how long you would live before you die of aging (when adding other possibilities, it becomes more striking).

Why? Why? Why?

Ever asked yourself the question: Why have I come to earth? What is life's purpose? What will happen after I die? 
Those are the ultimate questions, the ones that no one can answer. Neither science, nor theories can answer. 

Those were the questions I kept asking myself. I have finally arrived to the state in which I don't fear death as I used to. In fact, I have found a way to look forward to it with hope and anticipation.

That's what I want you to do too. This is not a call for suicide, on the contrary. It is a call for you to wake up and understand the purpose of your life and work hard to be prepared for the after death experience.


I have designed and published this page not for any materialistic interest but as a preparation for my own death, which could happen any minute.

Please view the video (link on the bottom of this page).


and change your life and destiny.

Do your research. The more you will learn, the more you will realize that it is the truth.

DEATH is the word that you may often ignore and don't want to think about. You ignore it although deep inside you are worried and that may be a reason for you to come over. You know for sure that is the one thing that is inevitable. And believe me... you are not alone in this...
Indeed, death is closer to you than you can imagine.

One in a hundred are destined to die today because of a motor vehicle accident. Another out of 200 is to die from smoking. The list goes on. Death stares at you in the eye and one day, just when you didn't suspect it, you could face it and your doom will come.